Overwatch Security Group provides you with armed and discrete protection that you need and deserve. We can also provide visible protection services if your needs require this type of service.

Overwatch provides protection specialists who worked for the Federal Witness Protection Program, the United States Pentagon and other entities. These Protection Specialists protected and relocated persons within the program or protected high-level military commanders in the Pentagon and during combat operations without incident.

We thoroughly evaluate the threat level, provide you with an assessment and protection plan. Once this plan meets your approval, the protection plan will be fully implemented.

The Management Team of Overwatch provided protection services to several key political figures during the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. Assignments included assisting the State Police agencies protecting several Governors. We also provided protection for members of Congress, former presidential candidates, family members of a former President and oil company CEO's.

We can provide protection for you, your loved ones and/or your colleagues in the United States or anywhere in the world!